Written in Blue (2021) 12′
for trumpet and ensemble
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Premiere on 6 May 2024, Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, by Manuel Blanco (trumpet) and the Reina Sofía School of Music Sinfonietta, cond.: Zsolt Nagy

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 14579

Le Malentendu Suite (2016) 31’

Premiered on 1 July 2016, Tel Aviv, by Israel Contemporary Players, cond.: Fabián Panisello

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 14159a

Solstice (2013) 16’

Premiered on 28 October 2013, Madrid, by Ensemble Modern, cond.: Fabián Panisello


Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 14000

Chamber Concerto (2005) 21’
for chamber orchestra

Premiered on 26 May 2005, Saint-Étienne, by the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, cond.: Fabián Panisello


Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12563

Moods II (2001) 13’
for ensemble

Premiered in 2001, Festival Internacional de Alicante, by Alberto Rosado (piano) and PluralEnsemble, cond.: Fabián Panisello

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12831

Intermezzo (1995) 6’
for ensemble

Premiered in 1996, Buenos Aires, by the Buenos Aires Ensemble, cond.: Fabián Panisello

Presencias transparentes (1990/1991) 13′
for ensemble

Premiered in 1991, Salzburg, Aspekte Salzburg, by Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik, cond.: Herbert Grassl

Festen (1999) 12’
for cello octet

Premiered in 1999, Festival International de Violoncelle de Beauvais, by the Octuor de violoncelles de Beauvais

Concertino (1989) 12’
for piano and ensemble
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Premiered in 1989, Buenos Aires, Fundación San Telmo, cond.: Fabián Panisello