Horn Concerto (2020/2021) 24’
for French horn and orchestra
hn + 2(pic).2(ca).2(bcl).2(cbn)/​3perc/​pf(cel).hp/​str(

Commissioned by the Emilia Romagna Festival and Ljubljana Festival

Premiered on 25 and 26 January 2024, Madrid, by Radovan Vlatkovic and the RTVE Symphony Orchestra, cond.: Erik Nielsen

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 14725

(2010) 26’
for piano solo and orchestra
pf +

Premiered 18 May 2010, Madrid, por Alberto Rosado (piano) and the Community of Madrid Orchestra (ORCAM) and AEOS, cond.: Susanna Mälkki

Work commissioned by AEOS (Association of Spanish Symphony Orchestras)

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12568

Also available in version with reduced strings: EP 12570
pf +

Premiered in July 2010, San Sebastián, by Alberto Rosado (piano) and Musikene Ensemble, cond: Fabián Panisello

Trumpet Concerto (2007) 21’
for double bell trumpet solo and orchestra
dblbltpt + 1(pic).1.2.1/​str( or

Premiered on 23 January 2010 at the Festival Ultraschall, Berlin, by Marco Blaauw (trumpet) and PluralEnsemble, cond.: Fabián Panisello


Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12564

Also available in reduced version: EP 12565 (2010)
dblbltpt + 1(pic).1.1(bcl).1/​acn/​str(

Premiered on 30 October 2010, Tel Aviv, by Marco Blaauw and Israel Contemporary Players, cond.: Zsolt Nagy

Violin Concerto (2002) 22’
for violin solo and orchestra
vn +​str( or

Premiered on 3 February 2004, Madrid, Auditorio Nacional de Música, by Francesco D’Orazio (violin) and the Reina Sofía School of Music Orchestra, cond.: Hansjörg Schellenberger, and on 5 Februayr 2004 at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Rome, by Francesco D’Orazio and the Reina Sofía School of Music Orchestra


Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12562

A Game with Shifting Mirrors
(1991) 12’
for piano solo and orchestra
pno + 1.1.1(bcl).1/​str