à 5 (2017) 10’
for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello y piano
Commissioned by Taller Sonoro

First performed November, 20th 2017, St. Petersburg, Sound Waysn Festival, by PluralEnsemble

Chaos’ Dream (1998) 11’
for violoncello and piano

First performed 2000, Madrid, by Michal Dmochowsky (vc) and Alberto Rosado (pf)

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 11330

Essentials (2010) 11’
for two pianos

First performed 17 November 2010, Munich, Biennale München, Klangspuren Plus

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 11338

L’ineluttabile destino di ogni cosa (2003) 6’
for ensemble
flute, clarinet, violin, viola and piano

First performed 04 May 2004, Granada, by Solistas de Sevilla

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 11355

Moment Hebel (2009) 4’
for violin, violoncello and clavichord

First performed 10 October 2010, Hausen im Wiesental (DE), Kirche St. Joseph, by Cross-Art Ensemble

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12558

Piezas métricas 1 (2004) 16’
for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello

First performed 2002, Brussels, by Forlana Camerata

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12001

Piezas métricas 2 (2000) 16’
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and french horn

First performed October 2004, during the Morocco Tour, by PluralEnsemble

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12002

Song (2012) 5’
for flute, clarinet, violin and violoncello

First performed 29 Septembre 2012, Tel Aviv, Center for Contemporary and Electronic Music, Israel Conservatory of Music, by the Ensemble Meitar

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12713

Three Movements for String Quartet (2006) 17’

First performed 2006, Takefu Festival (JP), by Arditti Quartet

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12559

Trio II (1996) 11’
for violin, violoncello and piano

First performed 1998, Caracas (VE), A Tempo Festival, by Soloists of PluralEnsemble

Publisher: Peters Edition – EP 12474